Hagen Carlburn is Creel' s younger brother. 

Hagen Carlbrun
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Caucasien
Affiliation {{{Affiliation}}}
Status Farmer, Caretaker of Theoradus Hoard
Location Dragon Slippers: Carlieff Town
Age 14
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Eye Color Brown
Relationships Parents: Unknown,

Sister: Creel, Aunt: Reena, Cousins: Leesel, Pella, Uncle:

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Hoards {{{hoards}}}
. He is a successful farmer and he's also is the museum curator of Theoradus's hoard of shoes (after Theoradus died in the first Dragon wWr.) 


On the cover of Dragon Flight Hagen appears to have short blonde hair and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

He is describe as strong and intelligent.

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