Prince Luka is the second son of the king of Feravel. Luka is described as handsome. He is very courageous and accompanies Creel everywhere.


He is very tall, and has brown hair with golden highlights. He has brown eyes and is always cheerful. Luka is about the same age as Creel, around sixteen years.


By the end of the trilogy, he marries Creel. He has a brother named Prince Miles, who is the crown prince. His father is King Caxel. He used to have a bodyguard named Tobin, but he later became a trainer for soldiers (Tobin is also betrothed to Marta, Creel's business partner and best friend). He and Tobin are very close, and are almost like brothers.

Dragon Slippers Edit

Luka is first seen when Creel first comes to the King's Seat. She is (unaware of) being out after the curfew when she bumps into Luka. When they address him as "Your Highness," Creel gasps and says "Another one?" Luka just laughs however and offers to bring her to a place to go for the night.