Shardas is the king of the dragons, who assists Creel and her friends in several of their endeavors. He and Creel are best friends who often enjoy flying in the sky together. He collects stained glass windows.


Shardas is a large dragon compared to most, with mellow gold scales and sapphire-blue claws, eyes and horns.


Shardas is a very kind creature, eager to help others and amend differences. The only person he did not show any mercy to was his brother, Krashath, who betrayed Velika, Shardas's mate. He shares a strong bond with Creel, protecting and guiding her throughout the series. Shardas also belives in fighting, not for glory or heroism, but to protect others.


Shardas is Velika's mate, with the two of them being the ruling couple. He has eight dragonlets, one of which is female, who is firstborn and the heir to her mother's legacy. Feniul is a cousin, although a distant one. His brother is Krashath, the (once silver) white dragon that controlled the Citatian dragons with collars, as well as the king using a helmet lined with his scales.